Saturday, August 21, 2010

I need to be cloned!

Hello everyone, I have been so busy this week, I hope I can get everything done for this class and Health care Administration by Tuesday. I just found out on Wednesday that as of October 1st, I along with everyone else at my job may be laid off. I am glad I have been working on getting my cleaning business off the ground. I actually got two calls today, did one job have another on Tuesday. Hope that's a good sign. Last night I was actually almost ready to drop school. I was so upset because my husband can't seem to understand that I am only one person with 2 hands. I am unable to be wonder woman and do it all at the same time. I am working full time, going to school, starting a business, taking care of 3 kids (3,7,15) and him (he is partially disabled), cleaning the house, taking care of a zoo full of animals, and a taxi for my disabled mom also. Sometimes my house cleaning doesn't get done when it should. That's just too bad. Yes he has medical issues but he can still help me out once in a while too. Am I wrong?


  1. Kimberly, it sounds like you have a couple of plates full. I know what you are feeling. There was once upon a time that I was a full time working mom, with a lot of overtime, 4 children of my own and usually my neice and 3 nephews over most of the time, and a husband that was lets just say a good provider. He did not feel that he should help in any other area and he was not disabled. He was a hard worker though, I will give him that. Back to the point, I let all of everything get to me and did not know how to take "me time" and I ended up in a divorce with a breakdown. I guess what I am trying to say is to take care of yourself just as you do your crew. If you do not do it, who will? Never give up on school or the things that will take you somewhere in life. Thirity minutes of "me time" is all a person needs a day to replenish themselves. Maybe you could lock yourself in the bedroom for a little while and just journal about your day. You will not believe how much clutter you will get rid of.

  2. Thanks Sandy, that was actually encouraging. We sometimes just get a little crazy and have to step back and take a look from a different perspective.