Friday, September 3, 2010

oops I guess I was wrong

I just realized that I need to look on the first page of the unit work under blog to see if there is an actually assignment on the blog or you can write about anything. We must write about our essays and the last 6 weeks, etc.
I can't say I have really been dealing with anything the last 6 weeks in regards to my essay. I love to research, especially when it is on a topic that interests me or is close to my heart. The only thing I can say I have had to deal with is finding the time to do everything. I have been really busy the last few weeks.
How can my ideas be influential to future research, I do not know. I know my ideas assist me in my research because I already know a lot about my topic from my own personal experiences, so I find it easier to look things up and understand what they are talking about even when the article may be very technical in medical terminology and such. I hope that the medical community continues to do studies bariatric surgery for extreme obesity in order to help the many children and teens in the US and around the world that suffer daily with obesity and its related illnesses. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions in relation to my topic?

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  1. Kim - I would be interested to know what the success rate is for kids and teens who have the surgery five, ten, etc. years down the line. Definitely a controversial topic!